Combination Aluminum/Steel Signage

It’s all about design.

At Crossroads Unlimited we recognize the importance of quality design in way finding. As the volume of space increases so does the need for clear, directional signage.

Waterjet technology allows us to produce your architectural signage into quality designed pieces within .001 of an inch accuracy.

Water jet is manufactured by producing/reading computer generated designs such as a CAD, graphics, or image files the end product is an accurate, cost effective, design tool.
“Ms. Rollason and Crossroads Unlimited exceeded our expectations with the new signage they produced for our firm. The accuracy was perfect. I’m sold on the waterjet process.”

Robert Miller, FAIA
R. Miller Architecture, Inc.
Florida State Certified Minority Business

Crossroads Unlimited, Inc. is certified by the State of Florida Office of Supplier Diversity as a woman’s owned business. Crossroads Unlimited offers expert waterjet cutting services to local and state government entities as well as their sub-contractors.

We are experienced in “difficult to machine” materials including:
  • Titanium
  • Inconel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper

We are also adept at working with non-metallic materials. Please see the Specifications pages for a full list of materials.

Some of our recent work includes custom metal design work for the Department of Corrections in Seminole County, Florida.

“Crossroads Unlimited has consistently come through for me. Whether it’s a small job requiring a quick turn around or a complex project they can make it happen.”

Roger Snow
Siemens Westinghouse
Let me entertain you.

Ideally located in the tourist capital of the world, Crossroads Unlimited, Inc. offers expert manufacturing for the hospitality, tourist, and entertainment industries.

Waterjet technology provides “virtually limitless” possibilities to manufacturing and no longer hampers the creative ideas that are conceived outside the box.

Whether you’re incorporating themed designs into retail, hospitality, or entertainment venues, waterjet is the cost-effective method to produce them.
“I have always found Crossroads Unlimited to be a reliable and quality oriented supplier.”

Rich Cooper
Universal Studios - Florida
Make a lasting impression.

Compared to traditional cutting tools and CNC machines, waterjets dramatically reduce work-in-process time for stone and tile fabricators.

The abrasive waterjet cuts any stone or tile, without a change in tooling. It can drill, or 'pierce', its own starter hole. It can pierce holes in most materials without any special consideration. For certain materials that are extremely brittle or delicate, Crossroads Unlimited offers the patented 'Vacuum Assist' option. With this option, even the most delicate glass, stone or tile can be pierced. The abrasive waterjet does not impart any heat or surface stress onto the stone or tile. Therefore, the material retains original appearance and strength.

Compared to saws and CNCs, a waterjet's thin cutting width (kerf) allows tight nesting of countertop parts in slabs. A waterjet increases material utilization, reduces costs and boosts profits. Our unique technology allows you to cut both sink and faucet holes and complex corners on edges of slabs. Combined with a router or hand polisher for bull-nosing and other edge finishing, high speed production or intricate designs are possible.
Ornamental Railings

Welcome Home.

Imagine the possibilities. Finishing touches are everything in a custom residence. That’s why waterjet makes good sense for manufacturing those artistic details such as trim work, finished carpentry, gates, rails, artistic metals, sculptures and more.

The possibilities are truly endless.


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